Eco-Bag is an UV-resistant polyethylene bag filled with Fiber Soil. It provides planting medium for plant to grow and would be applied on soil surface, non-soil surface and soil nail head. It could both improve the visual appearance and the vegetation covers, and also: (1) provide suitable habitats for birds and other small animals, (2) cool the city by reducing the urban heat island effect, (3) improve the air quality by reducing the rate of ground-level ozone formation, (4) reduce drainage system loads by assimilating large amounts of rainwater, and (5) absorb air pollution, collecting airborne particulates and storing carbon.


Fat Kong Street
Shek Kip MeiC
Kau Pui Lung Road

Good planting medium on steep slopes

Various variety of plant species

Easy installation

Permanent UV resistance

Light weight materials

Well drainage with Fiber Soil filling

Prefabricated fertilizers and seeds


Stream Bank Rehibitation

Compact Soil Slope Planting work

 Grillage System Vegetation


Planting with Hydromulching

Rock Mesh Re-vegetation

Soil Nail Head Vegetation


Rhododendron simsii


Rhodomyrtus tomentosa


Spathiphyllum kochii

Hymenocallis americana


Lonicera japonica


Wedelia trilobata


Eco-Bag is the most convenient and cost-effective technique to provide a planting medium, with rich nutrients, on the surface. By integrating the concepts of Bio-engineering, Geo-synthetic and Horticulture, this technique ensures the medium to be self-sustained on the surface; therefore, small shrubs, creepers, and grass species can grow, reproduce and be fully established.

Opening of rock mesh
Opening of erosion control mat
Installing Eco-Bag
Pit planting