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Slope Vegetation Systems 




              Toyo-Vetiver Grass System 

Introduction of Toyo-Vetiver Grass System (TVGS)
Bio-engineering Solution to Erosion Control

Toyo-Vetiver Grass System is a newly launched cost effective solution for greening concrete slope. TVGS can also be applied along the drainage channel or river as a preventive measures for flooding.  Vetiver Grass is a kind of grass species that have a strong biological characteristic to resist drought and flooding. Moreover, it is a kind of sterile vegetation meaning that Vetiver Grass does not carry out reproduction to become dominating vegetation in the environment.



  -  Natural and environmental friendly

  -  Cost effective

  -  Easy and fast installation

  -  Low maintenance

  -  High vegetation coverage





                    Slope Beautification                                                 Erosion Control


Job Reference


Contract No.: GE/2002/02
LPM Project, Phase 3, Package J
Client : Geotechnical Engineering Office
Completion Date : May 2003


Production Nursery 


                               Mainland China                                   Wah Shan Village, Sheung Shui, N.T


    Toyo-Vetiver Grass System Leaflet    P.1    P.2



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