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    Toyo-Mulching System



Introduction of Toyo-Mulching System

Aesthetic Solution for Slope

Toyo-Mulching System is an innovative vegetation system, which makes it possible for natural vegetation to grow on non-soil slope surface such as shotcrete slope.  Toyo first introduced TMS to Hong Kong in 1999.  It mainly focuses on the planting of grass and ground cover on the non-soil slope.  Since its application in March 1999 in the trial panel in the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the performance of TMS is proven sound and excellent for vegetation cover on steep non-soil slope.  The project of Princess Margaret Hospital, using Toyo-Mulching System, was awarded “2002 Outstanding Greening Award” by Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR and “Excellent in Technology 2003” by International Erosion Control Association, USA.  

The design of Toyo-Mulching System combines the concept of geo-synthetic, bioengineering and horticulture. The selection of geo-synthetic mat is to secure planting medium on the steep slopes and prevent from being washed out in rainstorm. The natural fiber soil named Soil-Factor can effectively retain moisture and provide nutrients to enhance roots development which is also to improve bioengineering strength of fiber soil. The selection of suitable plant can provide low maintenance and full coverage vegetation throughout the year.  Beside, the healthy vegetation cover can minimize the sunlight evaporation of the planting medium such that the maintenance cost can be minimized.  

In recent years, Toyo was awarded many projects which area covered the slopes of the highways, residential development, water catchments slope. Amongst those completed project, the slopes are steep in gradient, the limited working space for the storage of heavy machinery and the narrow access road, maintenance is difficult to be carried out in future. Nevertheless, the work process of the Toyo-Mulching System is simple, the materials are not easy to be washed out, and the full establishment of the selected plant species is the criteria for the selection of vegetation system from the client. Hence the Toyo-Mulching System is widely adopted along the slopes of the different Government departments.

Job Reference

Contract No.: SS F454
Princess Margaret Hospital, Lai Kong Street, Lai King, N.T.

Client : Hospital Authority

Completion Date : November 2000


            2003 Excellence in Technology                 2002 Outstanding Greening Project Award 

        International Erosion Control Association    Leisure and Cultural Services Department




   2003 Excellence in Technology  IECA Certificate 


   Toyo-Mulching System Components

    More Job Reference

    Toyo-Mulching System Leaflet    


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