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Slope Vegetation Systems 



               Soil Fiber System 

Introduction of Soil Fiber System (SFS)

Visual Enhancement on Slope with more flower species

The purpose of Soil Fiber System is to have visual enhancement over the slope by planting various species flower.  The mechanism of SFS is to add the Fiber material into the Soil-Factor and spray it onto the slope at about 70 mm-100 mm thick.  With the thicker soil-factors, more nutrients will be provided for vegetation to grow. Thus, SFS provides a suitable environment for planting more flower species.  The performance is proved to be excellent in Japan.


Application on non-soil slope

-  High performance planting media

-  Long-lasting fertilizer strip

-  100mm thickness fiber reinforces organic soil

-  Double layers of durable turf reinforcement mat

-  Biodegradable erosion control mat 




  -  Self-sustained vegetation system with low maintenance

  -  Fiber strengthens soil particles to prevent erosion

  -  Visual improvement of the slope with seasonal flowers species

  -  Restoration of natural habitat on the slope



Job Reference


1. Contract No.: SSK 319
    Construction of Morning Trail for Jordan Valley Playground
    Phase 2 Stage 2 at Jordan Valley, Kowloon

Area : 300 sq m

Date of Completion :  April 2003

Client : Architectural Services Department

Consultant : Edaw Earthasia Ltd.


2. Construction of Soil Fiber System Panel at the South of Postgraduate Hall No.1of CUHK

    Area : 100 sq m

Date of Completion :  July 2003

Client : The Chinese University of Hong Kong



   Slope Vegetation Systems Components


    Soil Fiber System Leaflet    P.1    P.2 


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