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Slope Vegetation Systems               


Eco-Green System




Introduction of  Eco-Green System

Establish Ecosystem on Shotcrete Slope and Rock Filled Slope


Eco-Green System is an advanced-vegetation system developed from Toyo-Mulching System (TMS).  The concept of this system is to establish an ecosystem on concrete slope.  

Eco-Green System is the enhancement from TMS by adding the Eco-Bag, which is an additional bag filled with Soil-Factor.  The provision of Eco-Bag provides sufficient nutrients for both grass and ground cover to grow, while native shrubs can also be planted over the slope. 


Once the system is well-established, micro ecosystem will be created as all year round green coverage of the slope and natural inhabitants can be found.  It is a low maintenance system after the completion of establishment period.



In a closed and self regulating system -  all the energy can be recycled and materials including carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, certain minerals, and water can sustain life - the basic ecological unit is the ecosystem. An ecosystem may be as small as a tidal pool or a rotting log or as large as an ocean or a forest. 


Each ecosystem has a community of plants, animals and micro-organisms in an environment. that supplies them with raw materials for life, i.e., chemical elements and water. The living organisms are interacting among themselves and with the environment in which they live (the climate, altitude, light, water and soil characteristics, and other physical conditions of the environment).





  -Various Vegetation Species

  -Surface Erosion Control

  -Application on Steep Slope

  -Low Maintenance with Evergreen Performance

  -High Flexibility of the Material

 -Application to High Level Location


Job Reference


Contract No.: EP/SP/28/95
Upgrading Works for the Shotcrete Surfacing Slope at Sai Tso Wan Landfill

Area : 2,500 sq m

Eco-Green System on Shotcreted Slope

Client : Environmental Protection Department

Completion Date : August 2003



Contract No.: 33/WSD/00

Yam O Tuk Fresh Water Services Reservoir and Associated Works

Area : 1,500 sq m with gradient 45o


Client : Water Supplies Department


Eco-Green System on Rock Filled Slope


Completion Date : April 2004


Available Shrubs Species


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 大紅花          Rhododendron simsii 紅杜鵑        Tagetes erecta L. 萬壽菊



Rhodomyrtus tomentosa 桃金孃  Melastoma sanguineum 毛稔        Gordonia axillaris 大頭茶



   Slope Vegetation Systems Components

   Eco-Green System Leaflet     P.1    P.2   



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