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Plant Species


Aquatic Herb - A plant that grows or lives                   Bamboo - A tall tropical plant that is a member of

 in, on or near water                                                  the grass family and has hard hollow stems



Climber - A plant that grows along the ground,                Conifer - Any tree that produces hard dry fruit

up walls, etc, often producing roots into the                    called cones. Most conifers are evergreen

growing places



Creeper - A plant that grows along the ground,                Fern - A plant with large delicate leaves and no

up walls, etc., often winding itself around                        flowers that grows in wet areas or shaded areas

other plants



Grass - It is short grass and the surface layer                 Herb - A plant that has a soft stem and no definite

of soil is held together by its roots; a piece of                  woody stem

turf has been cut from the ground and is used

especially for making lawns



Palm - A straight tree with a mass of long leaves                Shrub - Any woody, perennial, bushy plant that

at the top, growing in tropical countries. Some                   branches into several stems or trunks at the base.

of them produce fruit                                                         It often produces new shoots from ground level.


Tree - A perennial woody plant with a single main

stem from which branches and twigs extend to form

a characteristic crown of foliage. In general, a tree has

a single trunk, it reaches a more than 5m at maturity,

it branches at a great distance from the ground, and it

increases in size by producing new branches and

expanding in girth