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Advantages of Hydroseeding@


For the same area, compared with the traditional laying turf method, number of workers required can be reduced from 100 to 2 and the construction period is shortened in a large extent.


Labour cost can be greatly reduced.

3. High Performance

Grass seeds can be evenly distributed so as to reach the purpose of soil protection and landscaping. 

Seeds require water to start the germination process. The slurry hydroseeding materials absorb water and allow storage of water to provide sufficient moisture available for seed to germinate .

5. Flexible

Fertilizers can also be used with seeds at the same time when hydroseeding is undertaken. During winter, a cover crop of millet or ryegrass can also be applied in the mixture to give a fast germinating ground cover until the desired grass established.


Hydroseeding Working Procedure


Choice of Hydroseeding Seeds


Hydroseeding Q&A


Hydroseeding Job Reference