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  Slope Stabilizing Work
  Stream Bank
  River Bank Area
  Landfill Area
  Residential Development

  IECA Environmental Achievement Award (2006)
  Best Landscape Slope Award (2003-2004)
  IECA Excellence in Technology (2003)
  Outstanding Greening Project Award (2002)
  Contributions as valued partner and friend of State of Idaho. USA (2002)
  Established in 1980,Toyo Greenland Co., Ltd. is one of the Government About Company
  approved Hydroseeding specialist contractors in Hong Kong and with substantial experience in executing Hydroseeding and Landscaping works in most of the civil and construction projects, Striking to further improvement on the service quality, our Company puts lot of efforts and resources on the development of new vegetation and control solutions.
Toyo-Vetiver Grass System Soil Fiber System Eco-Bag Hydromulching System Geograss Geomat Toyo-Mulching Kangaroo Mat Soil-Factor Eco-Green System Coir-Log Soil-Creat Planter-Tube
To provide adequate, relevant and reliable solutions to clients.
To introduce and improve technologies for Hong Kong environment.
Research & Development
R&D in Hong Kong
R&D in China
Hydromulching System Hydromulching System Soil Creat System Soil Fiber System Eco-Green System
  In recognition of our expertise and efforts in the field of landscaping and erosion control, we have attained the following achievements recently.
IECA Environmental Achievement Award 2006
2006 IECA Award
Hong Kong Office
      United State Office

No.58 South Section, Wah Shan Village
Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2639 9312 Fax: 852-2377 2150

2437 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 18
Berkeley, CA94704, USA
Tel: 1510-841 3037 Fax: 1510-841 7113
China Office (Dongguan Branch)
China Office (Zhongshan Branch)
Flower Ecotypic Garden Area1, Xiaoxiang Area
WanjiangTown, Dongguan, Guangdong
Tel: (86)769-2270 5036 Fax: (86)769-2270 3009
ShuFangBei, NanQiao Country
WuGuiShan, ZhongShan, Guangdong
Tel: (86)760-820 9802 Fax: (86)760-820 9803
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